Small firms not happy with policy makers

Small businesses around the UK are not happy with the way the government’s policies have impacted their financial circumstances, it has been revealed.

A poll by the Small Business Federation (SBF) found that close to 96 per cent of its members consider themselves either “fairly” or “very” dissatisfied with the government.

Many small company bosses find themselves with serious debt management problems to worry about and the SBF has suggested that its members fell their concerns are not being taken seriously by policymakers.

“All we see is government consulting big business, with small businesses being left out of the loop,” said John Wright, FSB national chairman.

“But small businesses produce over half of UK GDP and it is important that their needs are addressed.”

Earlier this month, chancellor Alistair Darling warned that inflation would not be kept under control if the wages paid out by employers are allowed to rise over the course of the next few months.

By Dan Mather


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