Speak up over debt woes, urges CAB

Following a “significant” rise in the number of local residents in North Tyneside contacting Citizens Advice about debt problems in recent months, the local bureaux is keen to stress the importance of early action to help avoid bankruptcy.

“If people do have debt problems they must seek help straight away,” Mark Almond, director the local CAB told the North Tyneside Today news service.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of telling your creditors as soon as you have difficulties in paying – they should treat you sympathetically,” he continued.

The North Tyneside CAB was reportedly contacted by a full 7.5 per cent more people during January this year than was the case during the same month of 2006.

And this figure backs up the claim from the nationwide Citizens Advice charity, which recently suggested that it received 15 per cent more approaches for debt advice this January than last.


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