Statto declared bankrupt

The man known to TV sports fans as ‘Statto’ has been declared bankrupt by Manchester county court, it has been revealed.

It is not known exactly how betting expert Statto, real name Angus Loughran, found himself in such serious debt management difficulty but it is believed to be related to unpaid council taxes.

The Insolvency Service has declined to comment on the detail of how much 42-year-old Mr Loughran owes to his creditors and has only confirmed that he was officially declared bankrupt earlier this month.

Mr Loughran told the Manchester Evening News that he has had a “bit of a nightmare” with regards to paying his council taxes in recent months but he also insisted that he was unaware of how serious his debt problems had become.

The statistics expert, who shot to fame in the 1990s after featuring in the popular TV show ‘Fantasy Football League’, has been working for the BBC as a racing pundit and for Eurosport as a commentator.


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