Stopping smoking ‘could save £1,800’

Financial services provider Co-operative Insurance (CIS) has released new figures on the subject this week, which demonstrate that those smokers looking to clear debt could be saving thousands of pounds.

The latest figures, which have been released ahead of the upcoming National No Smoking Day on March 14th, also show that for a married couple who both smoke cigarettes the potential saving is likely to amount to around £3,000 per year.

Fiona Jackson, head of protection at CIS, commented: “Giving up smoking can save people a significant amount as well as hopefully bringing a longer and better quality of life.

“Someone who is able to give up an addictive habit like smoking can certainly take charge of their own financial destiny and make adequate financial provisions for their future,” she added.

According to the charity responsible for organising the annual No Smoking Day activities, three-quarters of Brits who smoke would like to stop doing so and on March 14th close to one million are expected to try.


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