Student loan ‘fiasco’ continues

Many parents may be faced with debt problems as a result of the fact that their offspring have still not received their student loans, meaning costs are offset onto mums and dads.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has said that approximately 28,500 school leavers are still awaiting their grants from Student Finance England, meaning the some do not have enough to pay tuition fees, Money Mail reports.

One such student, Lauren Cooper, has had to move back in with her parents because she cannot afford to live on campus, meaning that she has to travel for two hours in each direction in order to get to lectures.

“I had been really looking forward to starting university, as I worked hard to get here. But this has been very stressful,” she said, adding that she has been unable to settle in as a result of her financial concerns.

This kind of situation has been ongoing since September, when the NUS noted that 16 per cent of student loan applications where waiting to be processed.

By Sarah Adie


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