Students ‘look after property in order to avoid debt’

University students generally look after their rented homes as they wish to avoid incurring debt, it has been claimed.

John Heron, the managing director of Paragon Mortgages, said that despite the rowdy image portrayed of students in television programmes such as the Young Ones, they actually make good tenants.

He stated that instead of being destructive, they cared for a property in order to avoid losing deposits and being charged for damage.

“Going to university these days is an expensive business anyway, so students have to be more careful with their costs,” he added.

Research from the firm revealed that 81 per cent of student landlords classed their tenants as punctual rental payers, while 90 per cent thought they were well-behaved during their tenancy.

A recent study by Halifax found that the average person attending university spends almost £75 a week on accommodation and £40 a week on food.

By Jamie Price


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