Talking money ‘is poor form’

Talking about money is poor form according to one in three Britons polled as part of a recent survey.

Debt management is on the minds of millions of consumers across the country, but for many talking about the subject is considered ill-mannered, research by has discovered.

In addition, a full two-thirds of those quizzed by the personal finance website suggested that money problems were best kept private.

David Kuo, head of personal finance at, commented: “It’s a shame that when it comes to money, Brits are still stuck in the dark ages, too proud to talk about their financial situation which conforms to the typical British stereotype.

“Talking openly about money, especially with close friends and family has many benefits. Money matters can often spiral out of control if you don’t seek advice from others.”

British consumers will spend more than £53 billion over the course of next month, according to the UK’s payment association Apacs.


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