Texters ‘pay the price’

The many millions of text messages sent each day across the UK are costing consumers large sums of money and could be adding to the difficulties of those aiming to become
debt free, new research has suggested.

Flirty text messages have become increasingly common in recent years and Britons now spent around £231 million each month on trying to find love via their mobile phone, according to figures from uSwitch.com.

However, for many people around the country text messages have not only been expensive but heart-breaking as well, with close to six million Britons believed to have been dumped by text.

Steve Weller, head of communications services at uSwitch.com, said: “If you’re a big ‘flexter’ then you should make sure you’re on the right tariff and select a service that has the right amount of texts for you.

“By shopping around you could save up to £113 a year giving you more than enough to cover the cost of that first date.”

Recent research by uSwitch.com showed that typical disposable incomes in the UK are now at their lowest levels for a decade.


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