‘Think before making purchases to avoid debt’

Which?, the consumer watchdog, recently released advice to borrowers on ways that consumers can make the right decisions when borrowing money.

The guidance comes as shoppers head out to the January sales, having already possibly spent a lot during the Christmas season.

James, Ketchell, spokesperson for the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS), warns shoppers to think carefully about whether they can afford items before they go out and buy them in order to avoid debts.

He says: “At this particular moment there are lots of advertisements on the television for new kitchens and sofas.

“This might prove too empting for some and you have to think ‘can I afford it?'”

Mr Ketchell adds that people should read the “small print” and assess how much the cost of goods they want will be in the long-run.

The news comes as the CCCS warns people spending more than 20 per cent of their outgoings on credit are more likely to get into debt.


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