Those in big cities ‘more likely’ to avoid car insurance

Debt and the high cost of premiums in big cities may contribute to more people evading car insurance, an expert has claimed.

Graeme Trudgill, an executive from the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, said that people living in less well-off communities can not always afford to insure their vehicles.

“One of the main reasons for putting people off buying insurance in the middle of Birmingham or London is that it’s extremely expensive compared to if you’re living in a nice village in Wales,” he commented.

He explained that insurance can be more expensive for these urban areas due to higher traffic and crime.

Those struggling to afford a policy should go to a broker to help them with a debt management plan, Mr Trudgill suggested.

Recent statistics from the Motor Insurance Bureau showed that the West Midlands had six out of the top ten worst areas for insurance evasion.

By Jamie Price


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