Tips issued to avoid new year debt handover

A range of advice has been issued by Callcredit with the aim of helping UK consumers avoid a debt management hangover in the early part of next year.

The credit reference agency is keen to see shoppers around the country compare the relative costs of buying particular Christmas gifts via the internet in order to avoid paying more than might be necessary.

In addition, Callcredit suggests that consumers need to be aware of the danger of overspending while in pursuit of what appear to be bargain purchases.

“With Christmas costing the average person more money year-on-year, we should all take time to make sure our Christmas spending doesn’t leave us with a financial hangover in the new year,” said Owen Roberts, head of MyCallcredit.

Citizens Advice, which helps thousands of people with their debt management problems each month, recently urged consumers to budget effectively during the run up to Christmas.


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