Twelfth of men lack solid plans for future

According to Zurich, even more women expect others to provide for the future and risk a retirement of debt, with one in seven believing their other half will provide.

However, Briton’s distrust of state provision means that many are creating a debt management plan by preparing for the future.

“Whilst it is interesting to see that a proportion of men are looking to their partners to help fund their retirement, the most encouraging finding has to be that the message about not relying on the state seems to be hitting home, particularly among the younger generation,” said Dave Lowe, pensions management director at Zurich UK.

Recent reports have shown that a large proportion of Britain’s current pensioners are already suffering with debt problems to the extent that they expect to die still owing money.

With this in mind, Mr Lowe urged planning and debt advice, saying “it is more important than ever that people take the necessary steps to ensure they are saving adequately for their future”.

“The first of these steps should be seeking professional financial advice,” he added.


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