Wannabee Wags ‘racking up credit card debts’

A study by price comparison website BeatThatQuote.com suggests that for many women aged in their 20s buying the seemingly must have handbag or pair of shoes is causing them to accumulate significant amounts of credit card debt.

In addition, while football Wags might have plenty of cash to splash, the same cannot be said for the average British credit card user and wannabee Wags need to be savvy about their finances to avoid debt management disaster, the recent report from BeatThatQuote.com maintains.

Sophie Neary, director of BeatThatQuote.com, commented: “Zero per cent purchase cards can help achieve a WAGesque lifestyle, but life in the zero per cent purchases fast lane can see you experiencing ever increasing time on the hard shoulder if you
don’t steer your spending habits in the right direction.

“You’ll find that your debt will weigh you down far more than the latest ‘It girl’ bag,” she concluded.

According to national money education charity Credit Action, the UK’s personal debt mountain rises by a close to £1 million every four minutes.


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