Warning fired over mobile contracts

British consumers have been warned to make sure that they fully understand the details of a mobile phone service contract before they enter into it.

According to Consumer Direct, around 15 per cent of people who complain about their mobile phone providers are concerned about unexpected extra costs, which the organisation is keen to see people avoid.

Many people have been angered by a poor standard of service from their provider, Consumer Direct reports, while others worry that inflated bills could hinder their efforts to become debt free.

“We do always advise that before people get themselves into contracts, they should really understand what they’re getting,” said Frank Shepherd, a spokesperson for Consumer Direct.

“They really need to have a look at how long the contract lasts, what cancellation rights – if any – are available to them; they need to ask a lot of questions.”

Poor mobile phone services are the second most commonly complained about subject among people calling Consumer Direct, behind second-hand car dealers, according to the organisation’s own figures.


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