Warning fired over online fraudsters

Internet users in the UK have been warned that they could become the victim of online fraud unless they take care to protect their financial data.

According to Neil Munroe, external affairs director at Equifax, the internet is the primary area of focus for people aiming to defraud innocent consumers and potentially add to their struggles in becoming debt free.

Mr Munroe maintains that while consumers have generally become more familiar with how to protect their personal information offline, there is work to be done to raise awareness of how to do so in cyberspace.

“Whether it’s Facebook and other social networking sites or sophisticated phishing or emails pretending to be your bank, those are the areas where people have really got to watch out and take some care,” he said.

Research carried out by CPP in February found that people living in London are among those most likely to fall victim debit or credit card fraud in the UK.


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