Warning issued over bailiff powers

MPs are to initiate a second round of debate on the details of the proposed tribunals, courts and enforcement bill, which Citizens Advice claims would leave Brits facing credit card debt more vulnerable to unscrupulous bailiffs.

Under the terms of the new bill, all bailiffs will be legally allowed to enter domestic premises to collect debts, which would put thousands at risk of intimidation and excessive repayment charges, Citizens Advice claims.

David Harker, chief executive of Citizens Advice said: “It is vital that the bill also provides strong safeguards to ensure that forcible entry is only used as an absolute last resort and only after the vulnerability of the debtor and their ability to make repayments have been taken into account.”

Last week, the British Bankers’ Association revealed that the UK’s credit card debt total reached £7.239 billion during January of this year.


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