Warning issued over ‘cold call cons’

Consumers have been warned to be wary of businesses making ‘cold calls’ and offering various deals designed to sound enticing.

According to the Which? group, there are now a number of companies operating in the UK who call unsuspecting consumers and make false promises about helping to sell their car in return for a cash payment.

“These companies charge a fee in exchange for helping individuals to sell their cars, but Which? research has found that many of the companies do not deliver on these promises, leaving sellers out of pocket and without a buyer,” a statement from the company read.

As a result of the number of unscrupulous cold-callers around the country, Which? advises people to check the terms of any deal to avoid becoming a financial victim and running the risk of debt management ruin.

Recent research by the Fool.co.uk found that 16 per cent of Britons are dishonest with their friends and family about the extent of their debt management problems.


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