Web shopping ‘helps customers control budgets’

As many as 80 per cent of consumers are planning to shop online for their Christmas presents this festive season, new research has revealed.

The study, conducted by online bank egg, found that four in five shoppers are hoping to shun the high street in favour of using the web to make purchases, with 58 per cent of these stating they are hoping to reduce the amount of impulse purchases they make by relying on online stores.

Budgeting was also cited as a key factor when shopping on the web, as 41 per cent of respondents stated they would retain greater control over their finances as a result of making purchases from their computer.

Egg spokesperson Vanessa Wood noted that many shoppers are using credit cards when buying online, stating that they provide the benefits of insurance and fraud protection.

A study By Norwich Union has found 34 per cent are planning on using credit or store cards to pay for Christmas this year.

Those doing so may have to carefully monitor their spending to avoid falling into credit card debt.

By Tom Musk


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