Weddings ‘costing guests billions’

Guests splash out a combined total of £13.8 billion annually on attending nuptial celebrations in the UK at an average of £340, figures released by Churchill Home Insurance has revealed.

These amounts include the traditional ‘stag’ or ‘hen’ night, which in many cases can become an entire weekend’s worth of pre-wedding celebrations and a struggle financially for those facing debt management worries.

Wedding planner Sarah Haywood commented: “Weddings are a costly business for all concerned – including guests – and this can often be over-looked.

“It is essential that the bride and groom set up a well-thought through gift list with a range of different gifts to choose from,” she added.

Debt Free Direct’s Derek Oakley suggested recently that for many people in the UK denying their debt management situation can be a major source of financial problems.


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