Women targeting financial independence

An increasing number of British women are aiming to become financially independent of their parents or a partner, according to a new study.

Many thousands of women are struggling to become debt free and almost one in five are striving to become financially self-sufficient, the Cater Allen Private Bank reports.

Additionally, the younger the woman quizzed by the bank, the more likely she was to suggest that being independent when it comes to money was a significant personal priority.

Furthermore, female Britons are now likely to leave their parents’ home at a younger age than their male counterparts.

“It seems that not only are young women leaving home sooner, but they are less worried about getting married than men too,” noted Sally Watts, head of marketing of Cater Allen.

Last year, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service suggested that British women are particularly fearful of the stigma associated with declaring bankruptcy.

By Dan Mather


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