Workers urged to address debts on their day off

British workers have been urged to view the upcoming bank holiday as an opportunity to address their debt management issues.

Credit reference firm Callcredit has aimed to highlight the importance of getting to grips with financial problems and suggested that spare time can be well spent reorganising debts.

Additionally, the company has maintained that by switching certain services to different suppliers and by prioritising debts appropriately British consumers will be able to save themselves hundreds of pounds.

Graham Lund, deputy managing director at Callcredit, commented: “While fixing the bathroom or tidying the garden may be the most obvious stay-at-home activities, checking your credit report could be the most profitable piece of DIY you do over the long weekend.”

Callcredit recently reported that the number of County Court Judgements issued in the area of Shoreditch in central London increased by more than 150 per cent over the course of the past 12 months.


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