Young people ‘not paying debts’ in order to afford heating bills

Some consumers are considering not paying their debts back in order to afford the rising cost of fuel, it has been revealed.

According to a survey from Saga, the increased cost of energy bills has meant a fifth of consumers are intending to cover the price hikes with money normally used to pay for food, water and debts.

And the younger generation is the most likely to cut back on debt repayments first to meet increasing fuel costs, the poll showed.

Saga stated that this trend is potentially worrying as many young people are saddled with debt following their time at university.

The government was recently criticised by fuel poverty charity National Energy Action for not doing enough to help cash-strapped consumers with energy bills.

Chief executive Jenny Saunders said: “We need a major national energy efficiency programme not a series of piecemeal policies such as voucher schemes.”

By Rosie Park


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