£17 million better off – honest!

You can wait a lifetime to win the lottery, and still those winning numbers might never be called.  But it seems the email conmen are still active and their way to winning your bank details, is by telling you, you’ve won a fortune!  And for some, if they’re struggling to make ends meet, you have to wonder, would they be desperate enough to indulge in these communications – just in case…they’re true.  I guess, one would call it, the Pandora’s Box scenario – temptation at its best.

This week, I came into the office to an email telling me that after two years of searching for a long lost relative to a Dr Mark Mond, and finding no one at all, legal representatives of the deceased have found me.  Despite no proof of being related, they tell they’ve decided that since we share the same last name, they would like to transfer all of Dr Mond’s remaining estate to my bank account – all £17 million!

Now, if any of you reading this think, “Wow!  Amazing!  That’s great news!”  I’m seriously going to worry about you!

On closer inspection, it’s clear to see the signatory name on the email, differs to the email address itself – one from msn I might add – very professional “law firm” then? 😉 and a phone number?  None included.

Maybe, people do reply to these emails and when the response is sent asking for bank detail to deposit the millions into, they are given easily as excitement grows that finally, help has come and miracles do happen – well I’m sorry to say, in cases like this, they don’t!

With people so desperate for help, emails like this pray on those most vulnerable and we have to ask what is being done about it?

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