Going for the safer option

With summer’s rising temperatures, it seems everyone’s in a better mood.  And better moods often mean more spending along with a brighter outlook – even if it’s not an accurate one.

So when it comes to the housing market, the warmer climate has encouraged many wannabe sellers to put their houses on the market in a bid to encourage buyers through the door.

However, when it comes down to the maths, the hesitance to move addresses isn’t so much with the buyer now, but the seller!  After enjoying a good few months of lower mortgage rates, sellers are worried about moving up the property ladder, only to fall back down, when the rates go back up again.

And if they do move?  It seems, they’re opting for fixed rate mortgages on the belief that they’d rather play it safe and pay more – knowing what’s going out each month.

People are juggling so much these days – with approximately 23% of salaries going on household running costs, it’s time we settled what we can so that we can get moving again.  Here’s hoping!

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