Are they talking about my sort of debt?

There has been a lot of talk about debt during the general election. But are they talking about your sort of debt? See what the parliamentarians are saying right now.

A few weeks ago, before we decided to directly question those standing for parliament about their policy about consumer debt we asked ourselves one question:

Are they really talking about the sort of debt that matters to most people?

For all the debate about soaring national debt and systemic national deficit in recent months, banker´s bonuses and public sector cuts, the real debate around the dining tables is of consumer debt.

Whilst the lobbying of all politicians for improved legislation relating to consumer debt continues, and the general election approaches, we have, with thanks to our friends at Tweetminster put this Twitter list on display.

It lists precisely what all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates are talking about right now.

Click on any candidate to view their thoughts, and if you are on Twitter, send them a tweet and ask them what they are doing to help #funts.

So, are they talking about your sort of debt?

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