As the snow falls, the heating bill goes up and up and up

As I get reports in from the office, staff are walking to work through the snow – public transport has come to a halt and cars have been covered in white.  I recall we haven’t seen weather like this for years!  In fact – I think the last time we had so much snow, was when my children were only knee high!

So as many people head back home, I’m wondering how many will have the heating back on to keep them cosy as the snow continues to fall, or will they choose to shiver it out under the blankets in fear the cold front could end up racking up their bills?

January is always a time for reviewing how life is going, and how we can do things better. Looking at how we manage our debt and expenditure couldn’t be more relevant.  And, according to, we could take off up to 24% of our energy bills if we choose the right plan now!  In our favour, it’s been indicated a price war is to erupt between the energy companies with npower leading the way to the battle field.

In addition to the new price plans promoted, you can save money by opting for an online plan, paying by direct debit or choosing a duel fuel option!

As uSwitch confirm the annual cost of energy bills for 2010 is expected to be over £1200, every penny is certainly going to count.  And as the snow settles for at least a few days – now more than ever is the time to research your energy opportunities and make sure you’re not paying over the odds to keep warm this winter.

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