Check the license of a debt adviser

A video explanation of how to check the debt license of a debt adviser.

Last year ClearDebt blogged briefly about how to check the license of a debt company with an explanatory video of Consumer Credit Register.

Well, the consumer borrowers champions Zero-credit whom occasionally guest blog here at ClearDebt have produced an excellent in depth video explanation of how to fathom the search page of the Consumer Credit Register.

How to check the license of a debt adviser

As Zero-credit states in the video,

with so many credit and debt companies being closed down, it’s easy to worry about picking a dud…

There is a remarkable amount of information available online, sometime it takes more effort than normal to uncover it.

Next week ClearDebt will blog a similar tutorial on a related topic, stay tuned.

ClearDebt’s Consumer Credit License is 0565479 and the company registration number is 5157741.

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