ClearDebt and The Daily Express Crusader help a woman in debt

ClearDebt recently teamed up with The Crusader at the Daily Express to help a woman who had put her trust in another debt management company and wanted some advice on whether they’d given her the right debt solution.

The Crusader column in The Daily Express recently came to ClearDebt for some advice on how to help a woman who felt she had been unfairly treated by her debt management company.

ClearDebt looked into the case of Elizabeth Bastow who had been paying into her debt plan for five years and still owed more than 50% of her initial debts. Her debt management company had not arranged with her creditors to freeze the interest on her debts and they had retained around £2,000 – £3,000 as their fee. Andrew Smith, Marketing Director at ClearDebt noted the following about her case:

If an IVA had been do-able, by August 2007 we have calculated Ms Bastow would have paid £12,000 and the remaining debt written off. As it was she still owed more than £11,000

Elizabeth is following up a formal complaint against her debt management company and in the meantime has taken up ClearDebt’s offer to help her with her debt problems by waiving their administration fee. She commented

I’m so grateful, it’s just wonderful to have people who care

You can read more about Elizabeth’s story on the Daily Express website here: The Debt Plan That Didn’t Pay Off and read more comments from the people we’ve helped on our client testimonials page: What people say about ClearDebt.

If you are in need of some debt advice get in touch by calling 0800 019 2095 or by taking the ClearDebt online debt analyser.

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