ClearDebt’s supported charity helps educate sixth form students

Community and supporting local charities is at the heart of ClearDebt and it’s employees.

In 2013, ClearDebt supported The Wellspring, a local resource centre for the homeless and financially vulnerable.  Teams from our departments went in their spare time to volunteer in the kitchens whilst others ran the BUPA Great Manchester Run, raising over £3000 for this incredible charity.

Whilst our teams at ClearDebt became more familiar with the purpose and hard work of The Wellspring, I worked closely with Martin Lish, the Assistant Head of local school Blessed Thomas Holford, to develop a project for his sixth form students. The project had to educate the students about The Wellspring and make them think twice about the money their parents spend on food and keeping them in a warm home where the bills are always paid.

As Christmas drew near, we set the students a task of working with three different types of people, to buy a Christmas dinner for four on a budget of just £35.  Each team filmed a different person to reflect the choices people make when shopping for food based on their age, gender and life experience.  The “guinea pigs” were as follows:

  • A 40 year old male teacher
  • A dinner lady
  • A student still living at home with mum and dad

The video below was made by the team who represented the ‘student’. Although he wasn’t the one who shopped the most accordingly, their film explains the purpose of the exercise and how this made them think about food and money when visitng The Wellspring at the end of their project.

It was an absolute pleasure to support the The Wellspring and work with Martin from Blessed Thomas Holford. For more information about The Wellspring or to get involved with them, take a look at their website and find them on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you clear debt – We are delighted you are working with our Sixth Form students and helping them with their Creative Media course.
    Kind regards
    Miss Catherine Connaughton
    Deputy Headteacher
    Head of Sixth Form

  2. Thank you Catherine. It was a great project and we feel the students got huge benefits whilst increasing awareness of The WellSpring.