DCM Money Solutions and Apex – Balance and creditor information now available

We are pleased to announce that as of today, Monday 11 April 2011, we are in a position to provide all former clients of DCM Money Solutions and Apex with all the details we have concerning their outstanding balances and creditor identities, so, if they wish, they can negotiate their own solution with their creditors.

Unfortunately, the details we have been given are of variable quality but, in most cases, we have enough data to identify a client securely when they ring us – plus details of:

  • the last balance on each creditor account,
  • the monthly payment that was supposed to have been made and…
  • the creditor identities and account numbers.

In some cases the creditors may be different to those that a client expects to see, because the original creditor has sold the debt, and in other cases, sadly, the creditor information will be out of date because a debt sale took place and has not been recorded by Apex DCM. But all we can provide, we will.

We will continue to post further details on this and any other developments on the main blog on this topic.

Former Apex and DCM clients can get in touch by calling dedicated freephone number 0800 612 3318 or emailing apexenquiries@cleardebt.co.uk.

Unfortunately, we can’t continue an Apex DCM plan (nor would we want to) and cannot assist with any matters relating to the administration of Apex DCM. Clients who sent money to Apex DCM after 2 March 2011 should get this back from the administrators quite quickly – but that is also a matter for the administrators and not ClearDebt.

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