Exam time at ClearDebt for the CertDR qualification

Last week 25 ClearDebt employees sat exams for Certificate in Debt Resolution. Here’s a bit more information about the examinations and why they are important for people who work in the debt management industry.

Late last week the ClearDebt office was buzzing with exam talk, as 25 learners took their tests for the Certificate in Debt Resolution (or CertDR for short) qualification.

The CertDR is a nationally recognised exam, with over 300 learners currently undertaking the training which consists of three separate modules and is accredited by the examining body Edexcel.

A massive well done to the four ClearDebt learners who completed the final module of their training and can now include the CertDR initials in their email signatures, and to all others who passed their examinations.

Head of administration at the Debt Resolution Forum (which is the accredited examination and training centre for this qualification), Gaynor Loughnane commented

In the future I believe Debt Management Companies will be required by OFT to ensure all their advisors have external training certificates, so anyone with this qualification will be favoured when it comes to recruitment or promotion.

One of the learners who took my exam last week was me and I’m pleased to say I passed the first module. As someone who works in the Marketing department, my role doesn’t strictly involve having to give out debt advice, but if you’ve seen any of my contributions on the ClearDebt Community, you’ll see that I take an active role in responding to online questions and have been speaking to the debt advisors here to expand my knowledge.

I’ve found the CertDR training material has also been a great resource to me and I’m looking forward to studying for module two.

Marketing Manager at ClearDebt Jacqueline Cohen will be posting her thoughts on studying for and passing her DRF examinations so look out for her post later on this week.

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