On my way to being CertDR qualified

One experience from somebody studying for their CertDR – Certificate in Debt Resolution

Despite being in this industry now for two and a half years, I often consider my experience and knowledge of the debt industry to be emotive in terms of the support I offer our clients.

I class our debt advisors, customer service officers, drafters and supervisors as those who are the true experts in “debt” as they speak to clients and the general public every day about financial issues and how we are able to help.

So, when I was first approached by our Marketing Director to sign up for the CertDR (Certificate in Debt Resolution) qualification, I was excited and daunted all at the same time. It was a great opportunity to become considerably more technically aware of the debt industry and the regulations surrounding them. The learning process goes into great detail of the laws, regulations and do’s and don’ts of debt resolution as a whole, rather than just the products we offer within ClearDebt.

Despite any worries I may have had, at the end of the day, I’m a glass half full kind of girl, and so embraced the challenge with open arms – and by doing so, passed Module one with flying colours and significant effort.

Over the last 12 weeks, in between my full time working day and home life as a wife and mum – and somewhere in between the pile of ironing and evening dinner, I found the time to study for the second Module of CertDR.  On top of that, our company puts weekly revision sessions which are definately a “must” for anyone wanting to pass the exam – and to be absolutely sure, a day’s holiday was also booked off to embrace the nerd within and make sure I had time to learn everything properly before exam day.

The first module was achieved excitedly but when approaching Module Two, life had become altogether more frantic – and the tired winter nights were not helping with my enthusiasm to study in the evenings. Despite this, the hours of hard work have paid off. Not only have I passed but I feel the learning process has made a significant difference to the quality of information and advice I can provide our clients with through the ClearDebt Marketing Team.

Just one more Module to go……no rest for the …? 😉 oops…

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