FCA authorisation: ClearDebt and Abacus’s position

ClearDebt Limited and Abacus (Financial Consultants) Limited are both wholly owned by ClearDebt Group Limited.

ClearDebt Limited is an IVA company which only provides advice in reasonable contemplation of an insolvency appointment and which manages and administrates IVAs for customers and creditors. As such ClearDebt benefits from the Insolvency Practitioner Exemption from the need for FCA authorisation. ClearDebt Limited has let it’s FCA interim permission lapse but this in no way impairs our ability to advise on or implement IVAs or other personal insolvency procedures.

Abacus (Financial Consultants) Limited now provides all initial advice to all our customers and administers debt management plans and any other non-insolvency debt solution. Customers deemed suitable for IVAs will be passed to ClearDebt for further advice. Abacus has applied for FCA Authorisation and continues to trade under our current interim permission.

Together the two trading companies, Abacus and ClearDebt, have all the necessary regulatory permissions to provide debt management plans and individual voluntary arrangements.

These arrangements mean that every customer’s situation remains the same – there is no change to the way we do business with you. If you have any queries please contact your Customer Services Officer.

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