ClearDebt Christmas opening hours

For anyone struggling financially, a mountain of festive financial pressure has begun.

This is the time of the year where you may be thinking of how to proceed in 2015 and tackle your debt issue. Pressure from families and children may have made you dip into your savings or even try and get additional credit.

Almost half of Brits will turn to credit cards, store cards and overdrafts to cover the cost of Christmas this year, according to the Money Advice Service’s annual Christmas spending survey released last week.

The survey of 3,000 people also showed the average UK adult will spend £530 on Christmas this year, adding up to a total ‘seasonal spend’ of £26bn, a £2bn increase on last year.

Yet 30% said they will find Christmas harder to afford this year than last year.

Christmas debt was identified as a major anxiety among four in ten adults, with consumers concerned that high expectation and pressure to deliver the ‘perfect Christmas,’ with a sumptuous feast and gifts galore, ensured that they would be paying for it on the ‘never-never.’

Remember help is at hand and ClearDebt will be here over the Christmas period to give you advice and support.

Christmas opening hours

22nd December – 8am-5pm
23rd December – 8am-6pm
24th December – 8am-12pm
25th December – CLOSED
26th December – CLOSED
27th December – CLOSED
28th December – CLOSED
29th December – 8am-5pm
30th December – 8am-5pm
31st December – 8am-12pm
1st January – CLOSED
2nd January – 8am-5pm

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