Finances put out the fire for lovers

You and your partner may have had it hot and steamy when you first got together, but it seems the recession has caused so much worry to the running of a household, that we’re now more pre-occupied with budgets and household bills, than a little bit of loving. 

According to the Priorities in Life Index, 52% of those asked, confirmed that although they’d like to make their partner their main priority – they’re not.  And 36% admit they’re turning their backs on love in favour of on making ends meet.

Along with the headache, worrying about finances has to be high up on the excuses list late at night and it now seems such stresses are leading to break ups.  So as Clinton’s stock their shelves high with fluffy cards and lovely dovey poems, this year’s Valentine’s Day actually appears to be one which is bringing a more sober approach than usual.

Feeling the pound rather than the pinch is appearing to be the preferred option as partners turn off to large displays of affection.  The time may finally have arrived where flowers, chocolates and jewellery are replaced by more simple messages that can be said in person.

So whilst Yorkshire Bank state they believe £5million will be spent on celebrating February 14th in style, I wonder if they’re really right.

So, why not share your views on this subject?  Commercialised or not, is Valentine’s Day 2010 something you’re taking part in, or is this the year you’re choosing to opt out?

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