Time to pile on the pounds

I think it’s fair to say that after all the Christmas festivities, the turkey wasn’t the only thing stuffed this December.  And with each New Year, getting fit and loosing weight is usually one of top resolutions we like to make….before eating another chocolate 😉  However, this year, it seems the tables may be turning.

Costing an average of £500 a year, the financial commitment of being a gym member is now under scrutiny.  2010 appears to be the year people are determined to get their finances back on track, and in reality, this means cutting out any unnecessary expenditure, of which accordingly to moneysupermarket, 46% of gym members, admit this activity is.

Not surprisingly, the research also confirms 10% of those asked, pay for a gym membership which they hardly ever use, and 5% can’t afford to keep up the payments anyway.

So, I have to ask, what’s the alternative?  Are we going to become a nation of cyclists – taking to a bike on our journey to and from work; saving money in our pockets as well as the environment?  Or maybe we’ll all become joggers, apart from the days when it’s cold…or wet…or snowing?

I suspect, what will actually happen, is that we’ll just become a little fatter.  And so I wonder, with the lack of incentive for the gym….will we really save the extra £500, or as we’re sat at home in our comfy armchair, will we spend it on more essential household items?  Now…where did I put those biscuits? 😉

If you’re a member of a gym, share your thoughts here.
Do you go to the gym regularly and get your money’s worth?
Are you giving it up this year?
Are you starting it this year?
And if you’re not a member of the gym, what exercise do you actually get?
And keep it clean please!! 😉

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