“I Do”

Coming to the conclusion that “I do” might not mean, “I do…forever”, is never an easy time in anyone’s life.  But when making that decision – realising you can’t afford to go your separate ways, can present the worst possible reality – living with your ex.

National charity, Shelter, has confirmed, 25% of adults have had to continue living with their ex after they’ve “separated”, because they can’t afford to sell their one home, to buy (or rent) two.

It’s already been stated in previous research that around 6.6 million Britons confirm money worries start the arguments in the first place, so it’s hardly going to be plain sailing, if you’re still having to row about the household bills when you’re not even together!

At the moment it seems no solution is being offered to people in this situation.  However, this shows that although there are more positive murmurs that the recession may be over, the aftermath of the storm must not be ignored.

If you’ve had a similar situation, why not confide here how you’ve dealt with it and any alternative options you may have found.

Now, before I go home…after reading these stats, I think I’d better buy Mrs Mond some flowers and keep sweet a little bit longer…at least 😉 

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