Days off sick cause panic to those worrying about job security and debt

Swine Flu, Volcanic Ash and the common cold seems to be driving employers crazy all over the UK – and panicking employees about their job security. Complete our poll below and also comment on how you feel about this subject – how secure do you feel in your current job?

The cost of having a baby rockets sky high

In days gone by, we often used to say that there was no need to save for a baby – in fact, I remember many a conversation with newly weds when they’d be asking about preparing for a family and someone in the crowd would say “If you wait til you can afford a baby, you’ll never have one!” And so the encouragement continued to do the deed and wait for the bundle of joy to arrive, no matter what the bank balance shows.

It’s all about “trust”

We’re more aware than ever of companies out there who seem to be praying on the good nature of people in need for their own gain. Through my work as Chairman of the DRF (Debt Resolution Forum), as well as through my own company, ClearDebt, we’re doing our best to protect people in debt from situations where they may find it difficult to see the wood from the trees – and to do this, we’re keeping you as well informed as possible about any companies you might need to be weary of.

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