Insolvency Statistics in Motion

The Insolvency Service recently published annual statistics for the period 2000 to 2009, covering bankruptcies, debt relief orders (DROs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) in England and Wales by geographical areas. Using an interactive motion chart, ClearDebt have republished this data to display the evolution of personal insolvencies by district.

Using an interactive motion chart, ClearDebt have republished government public data spanning the period 2000-2009 from the Insolvency Service of England & Wales. This multi-dimensional data displays the evolution of personal insolvencies, by IVAs and bankruptcies, by English districts.
UK Insolvency Service Statistics chart courtesy of ClearDebt

This motion chart allows you to select the region that interests you by ticking one or more areas.

Interact with the data by selecting different values for the axis. Modify the size and the colour of the circles to display different information to suit.

For example, to display the volume of IVAs, select from the horizontal axis, the drop down that offers IVAs, then click the play button to visualise the evolution of IVAs in England & Wales for the nine year period.

If you select a specific district from the list, and press play button, a trail will be created for that district showing it’s evolution over time.

The original source data for the chart above is available from the Insolvency Service Statistics.

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  1. Glad i don’t live in Birmingham or Mansfield (where IS Mansfield?)

    Birmingham seems to have the most and Mansfield looks the place where you are most likely to go broke!