Men behaving proudly

Neil Morrissey is probably one of the UK’s most loved men who genuinely can, get away with behaving badly.  But what makes him so appealing to the public, is his genuine approach to people – both on and off screen.  And in his latest bolt of bad news, this is no exception.

This week Morrissey was thrown to the lions as he admitted to the waiting media that he’s now entering into an IVA to pay back his debt of £2.5 million.

Even celebrities are falling victim to the recession.  Morrissey invested into a property development business that although may have been a solid deal at the forefront, has now gone bump in the night as a result of “the crunch”.

What makes this case so interesting is that despite the stigma he knew would be attached to his situation, particularly as a celebrity, by taking the moral stand, apologising and confirming his intention to pay back what he owes, his dignity and respect from the public has been his saving grace.

Despite the gravity of this situation and the level of debt owed, the honesty and approach Morrissey has brought to the table has indeed been his saving grace.

At a time when millions of people around the UK are struggling to come to terms with their debt, the example has now been set – hopefully encouraging others who need help, to follow this brave example.

So…what do you think?  Do you approve of Morrissey’s stance? Let me know here.

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