Reactions to Newcastle United shirt sponsorship deal with payday loan provider have been named as the new shirt sponsor for football club Newcastle United. Here are some of the views, both positive and negative on the matter.

Controversial payday loan company have hit the headlines again this week when they were announced as the new shirt sponsor for football club Newcastle United.

This isn’t the first time’s sponsorship deals have been debated, in 2010 sponsored free public transport on New Year’s Eve in London and many people took to social networks to express their unhappiness at this decision, with some saying they would rather have paid for their own travel than have as a sponsor.

Here are some of the reactions to Wonga’s latest venture:

Which views do you agree with? If your football team was sponsored by would you be happy to wear their shirt? Leave your comments below!

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  1. i dont think wonga have anything to be ashamed of at all they are a company that has to make a profit they are completely up front and are meant to be a payday SHORT term loan company talking about APR isn’t relevant because no loan is meant for any extended period. if you cant pay the money back dont take the loan