Secretly poor middle class struggle with debt

Seemingly well-off people are secretly struggling to manage their debts whilst keeping up appearances within their communities. Is being is debt something people should be ashamed of?

I recently came across a discussion on the forums about a woman who was secretly poor.

From the outside it looked like she was well off enough, with a “a lovely house filled with expensive furniture and nice clothes in the wardrobe” but the truth was she and her family were struggling to pay their bills and her property was in negative equity. The post received a lot of replies from seemingly middle-class people in similar situations, all trying to keep up the appearance that all was well, and secretly battling to manage their finances and debts.
are you hiding your debt problems?
As a company in the debt industry we’ve seen a reluctance in people to talk openly about their debts with others. Perhaps it’s the idea that irresponsible spending has caused the debts. Whilst this may be the case for some (such as Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones) most ordinary people are struggling with debt because of redundancies, unemployment and other economic factors.

A recent report showed individual UK debt is on the increase, so it’s not surprising that debt is affecting all kinds of people, whether they appear to be in a well-paid profession, or have a nice looking house.

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