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Debt problems in women – Liz Jones tells the world about her debts

Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones as talking about her debts again, but this time she’s also talking about women in general and why she thinks so many women can’t manage their finances. Her columns are always controversial and usually receive a lot of strong comments! We dissect her article and find that amongst her sob story, she makes some very valid points about personal debt problems in women.

The big debate: Do women really earn less than men, and if so, why?

Recently figures showed it will take 57 years for the gender pay gap to close and for women in the workplace to be earning the same amount as men. ClearDebt’s Jacqueline Cohen decided to take a closer look specifically at the statistics for women in debt and came up with the following conclusions.

Women and Debt – what is the reason for the increase in bankruptcy among women?

The Insolvency Service has reported an increase in the number of women who have been declared insolvent from 2000 to 2009. Is this due to poor money management by women? or is this more of a social issue due to the pay inequalities many women face compared to men?