The backlash against discount and deals websites – are you cutting back?

We’re asking for your views on discount and deals websites such as Groupon and Livingsocial. Have you cut down on your use of these sites?

Recent reports have suggested that use of discounts and deal websites such as Groupon are on the decline. Vote in our poll and tell us if you’ve decreased your use of these sites.

For some people, shopping on discount and deal websites has become a part of their everyday life. Groupon, one of the most popular discount websites boasts over 414,000 Facebook fans on their US page and over 82,000 Facebook fans on their UK page. However a report released this week by a research group in Australia reported a 34% fall in “group-buying” transactions on websites such as Groupon.

Despite its success, Groupon have come under fire since they were founded in 2008 and are currently under investigation from the OFT regarding exaggerating discounts, failing to honour deals and “unfair terms”. Another deals website,, which was backed by Daybreak presenter Kate Garraway, has been taking steps to stay afloat by making redundances and applying for a Company Voluntary Arrangement, which works in a similar way to an IVA.

Have you cut down on using deal and discount websites this year? Vote in our poll now and have your say.

Personally, I have been unsubscribed from Groupon and other similar sites for a few months now. I found the deals on offer didn’t appeal to me and I felt like I could do without the temptation to buy things I didn’t need. Stories of poor customer service have also made me think twice before purchasing from a deals/discount website.

Here are some other experiences of these websites:

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  1. Wowcher have flatly refused a refund on 2 Bus Tour tickets that I am unable to use because I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have to have a mastectomy plus reconstructive surgery with 3 operations over the next year. I even sent them my consultants letter as proof and they have refused to help. How NASTY can a discount site be? DO NOT USE THEM!!

  2. I think the backlash is far more alive and kicking in the world of debt management and insolvency. Legitimate companies marketing their goods through a discount site (I have bought three experiences and have been very happy) or blood thirsty sales people scaring the life out of people with debts (numerous calls from several debt management companies when I do not even have any debts!) We all know debt management staff are incentivised in this industry! Is this a conflict of interest? Absolutely