70% of Britons ‘unhappy due to debt’

In addition, the Standard Life Bank study found that half the population wants debt advice to help them get their finances in order and become happier.

Will Fraser, national sales manager at Standard Life, said: “The research shows that professional advice plays a valuable role in people’s well-being, which is positive news for the advice industry.

“While many people have a life-plan in place which sets out their goals, they recognise the need for financial advice in order to achieve them.”

Earlier this year, a BBC survey found that the proportion of Britons saying that they were very happy fell from over half in 1957 to nearly a third today.

This coincides with a growth in personal debt levels and mounting energy bills and council tax rates.

However, with the assistance of free and affordable debt help, the amount of Britons who can become happier through better finances could improve.


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