New debt help guide launched

has been launched to help reduce the £1.2 trillion that Britons owe.

The UK Debt Help Manual has been published by the Debt Counsellors with claims that it is a “comprehensive guide” for those struggling to make repayments.

John Porter of the Debt Counsellors said: “We have produced The UK Debt Help Manual to raise awareness of UK debt problems and increase consumers’ knowledge of the ways out of debt available to them.”

According to the organisation, 3.5 million Britons are continually overdrawn and that two million households are on the brink of a “debt crisis”.

Ways to help people out of these debt problems includes tips and advice on how to deal with credit card debt or how Individual Voluntary Arrangements and debt consolidation loans work.

“We also hope the manual will help people avoid the debt trap altogether or assist them in staying out of trouble once they have cleared their debts,” added Mr Porter.


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