Birmingham tops fashion shopping league

Each year, women in Birmingham who spend more than half of their borrowed income on shopping for fashionable items will splash out over £1,813 on average, which is almost £773 greater than the typical British spendaholic, uSwitch has revealed.

And thousands of women around the country are now accumulating significant amounts of credit card debt as they bid to stay in style, particularly in the Midlands city, according to the latest uSwitch study.

A uSwitch statement read: “Birmingham is the shopaholic capital of Britain, with the greatest concentration of hard-core addicts residing in the city.

“Birmingham women also spend the most as a proportion of their disposable income on fashion (9.4 per cent) and on average spend the most per shopping trip at £54.96.”

A study carried out by accountancy firm KPMG earlier this month claimed that that enough people to fill Wembley Stadium turned to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) in the UK during 2006.


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