Brits skimping on heating, report shows

Britons are reducing their heating bills in the winter by layering their clothing instead, a new report has revealed – behaviour which may be driven by a desire to prevent further debt problems.

The study, conducted by, indicated that over 750,000 people intend to wrap up rather than turn the heating on.

Of those asked, 62 per cent delay raising the thermostat in an attempt to save money, while 18 per cent state they do this because they cannot afford to pay fuel bills.

Utilities manager at the price comparison website Scott Byrom noted that, as Christmas is a costly time for most people, “no doubt many of us will be worried about an expensive energy bill landing on the doormat in January”.’s findings come after Citizens Advice stated recently that the number of people in debt to fuel suppliers saw increases in the first two quarters of the year, with enquiries rising by 82 per cent since 2005-6.

By Sarah Adie


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