Eyecare costs ‘a concern’ to debtors

Many Britons are putting their eyesight at risk as a result of money worries.

This is according to a survey conducted by charity The Eyecare Trust, alongside Simplyhealth, which revealed that 75 per cent of people are neglecting visiting opticians because of the cost of lenses, eyecare and glasses.

Raman Sankaran of Simplyhealth remarked that prices “should not be a barrier to people enjoying good eye health or lifelong good vision”, adding that early diagnosis can secure successful treatment for a range of conditions.

The study also found that of those concerned, two-thirds delaying eye examinations – which are essential for maintaining health and detecting sight-threatening risks – are women.

Mr Sankaran went on to recommend that those worried should consider implementing a cash plan.

It was also recently found that many debtors are endangering their health over the winter months in an attempt to save money, by wearing extra clothes rather than turning their heating on.

Moneysupermarket.com’s research indicated that 750,000 intend to take such action over the next few months.

By Sarah Adie


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