Brits ‘starting to appreciate value of money’

Britons are beginning to give more importance to the value of money in the wake of the credit crunch, a new survey has suggested.

Research carried out by GfK NOP on the behalf of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has found that 42 per cent of people feel that money has become more significant following the onset of the economic downturn.

And 39 per cent of the participants revealed that the are spending less cash on going out, while 33 per cent have cut back on holidays, something that may help them with their debt management.

In addition, 23 per cent stated they now shop in less expensive stores or charity retailers in a bid to lower expenditure, while 14 per cent are buying goods from ethical companies.

“It is heartening to see that some good is coming out of these very difficult times,” commented CAF chief executive John Low.

Recently, an Abbey survey found that many Brits are cutting back on food, travel and holidays to save money.

By Jamie Price


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